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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Pain varies from person to person. Most clients describe it to be mild to moderate, but tolerable. During or before mensuration, there can be more sensitivity to pain. On the second pass, a medical grade anesthetic is applied.

MICROBLADING: You are numbed for 30 minutes before the procedure and throughout. 

LIP BLUSH: You are numbed after the first pass of color on the lips

ISR: No Numb, but lidocaine spray is optional!



What to expect after my appointment?

Immediately after the appointment, swelling, redness and slight bruising are normal. During the first week of healing, uneven color, and extreme shedding and flaking of the lips and brows are normal. There may even be a period where you feel like the color is all gone, but it will resurface!

How long does LIP BLUSH last?

The results vary from person to person. For most, with an initial session and touch up, results can last about 2  years for Microblading. And with Lip Blush, 2 sessions can last 2-3 years. Sometimes even longer! Inkless stretchmark revision heals the scars, so as long as rapid weight changes don't occur, it will last a while.

Am I a good candidate?

There are a lot of factors that affect whether or not this is right for you, like health conditions/restrictions, skin types, medications you may take, smoking, and more. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the services.

What can affect color retention?

A LOT. Which is why we provide all the information you need upon booking. Pre-care and After-Care are a significant factor. On average, the color will fade about 30-60% from the immediate results for both Microblading and Lip Blush. But it can fade up to 80% without the proper Pre-Care and After-Care.

I've had cold sores, can i get my lips blushed?

Yes! But ALL clients prone to cold sores must take an anti-viral medication a week prior to appointment (if chronic, and 3 days prior if moderate). It must be taken it until healing is complete. For a prescription, contact a primary physician or
dentist. NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies for any & all lip
tattoos and for anyone who has had a cold sore/blister in their lifetime. Not taking an anti-viral will cause a severe flare of cold sores across the lips.


To begin my journey as a lip blush artist, I attended one of the most prestigious permanent makeup academies in Los Angele. I completed their intense coursework on mastering the art of lip blush. I trained locally with an a very skilled artist for Microblading and continue to support my education through online courses.

With an extensive background in healthcare, I also truly value proper sanitation and education. I practice with a safe and sterile technique, have been certified in blood-borne pathogen education and am legally permitted to practice by the County of San Diego Health Department. 

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