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✨Pre-Care and Why You Should Care✨

Why is it important? When receiving a lip blush treatment, it is best to have the right canvas to get the best resulted and to create an easier healing process for yourself. Not only this, but it can actually affect the amount of color that your skin retains from the procedure.

🤍COLD SORES: ALL clients who have had a cold sore in their life must take an anti-viral medication a week prior to appointment (if chronic, and 3 days prior if moderate). This is important to prevent severe flare up across the lips. Even if you have had a single cold sore in your life, 26 years ago, the virus stays dormant in you forever. When trauma is inflicted on the area, through tattooing or otherwise, there is an extremely high chance of the cold sores flaring up. And with tattooing, it can actually cause the virus to spread across the ENTIRE lip.

🤍1 YEAR BEFORE: NO ACCUTANE, NO EXCEPTIONS...Not even if you're a couple weeks shy of a year being off of it. The skin is very thin and compromised from Accutane and cannot withstand the trauma of lip blush. Not only does it make it hard to implant the pigment and retain any color saturation, but it can be very painful and cause too much trauma to the skin. For some, numbing used for permanent makeup does not work when a client has been on Accutane. And with your skin being so thin, it will be EXTREMELY painful.

Below is a photo of a client's lips who stated she never had any cold sores, as well as being off Accutane long enough to continue. The client was numbed and felt more pain than any clients I've had. After a very difficult procedure, and finding almost impossssible to implant the pigment, the client let me know that she had only been off accutane for under 6 months. A couple of days later, I received the photo, and she had broken out in severe cold sores and only retained about 10% of the color. When asked again about ever having cold sores again, she stated that she could not remember...In the case that someone cannot remember, lip blush artists REQUIRE you to take an anti-viral medication to avoid sever flare ups. So it's important to be honest with your artist because we only want the best for you.

🤍2 MONTHS BEFORE: No antibiotics.

🤍6 WEEKS BEFORE: Discontinue Retin-A and Alpha Hydroxy Acid or any chemical peels or exfoliation skin care products around the mouth area. Again, they can cause the skin to thin and be extremely painful, as well as poor color retention

🤍1 MONTH BEFORE: No fillers or injections. Filled lips are loved and adored by all lip blush artists. They're my favorite to work on. But, we like for them not to get infected, so a proper amount of time to heal from the injections is required.

🤍48 HOURS BEFORE: AVOID ALL BLOOD THINNERS; Aspirin, Ibuprofen, caffeine (coffee & tea), smoking, alcohol, boba, Niacin, vitamin E, Advil, fish oil, etc. These will cause excessive bleeding during the procedure, which reduces color retention SIGNIFICANTLY.

🤍EXFOLIATE your lips with a damp towel after the shower and moisturize with Aquaphor. Lips with any dryness are a more difficult surface to work because pigment does not deposit well in dry areas. Because these areas are more difficult to implant color in, areas of dryness will have less color saturation.

🤍SKIN CONDITIONS: If you have any skin conditions, you are required to have an approval letter from your doctor. This is important to prevent flare up of the condition

FAILURE TO FOLLOW PRE-CARE INSTRUCTIONS MAY AFFECT THE OUTCOME OF YOUR FINAL RESULTS SIGNIFICANTLY. Therefore, artists may not proceed with services, as it isn’t a true reflection of the work.


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