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Thinking About Getting Microblading? Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know First

Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, and Gigi Gorgeous are famous for their voluminous eyebrows, and microblading is responsible. Microblading is an eyebrow tattoo that creates the appearance of naturally full and defined brows.

If your eyebrows are thin, sparse, or simply not growing in the way you'd like them to, microblading can be a great solution. Read on for eight things you should know about microblading before you get it done.

1. Microblading Is a Two-Step Process

The first step of the microblading process is a consultation. Your esthetician will look at your brows and talk to you about what you'd like to see there. They'll also map out your new eyebrows, so they know where to place the ink during the procedure.

The microblading process takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

The result is refined eyebrows with soft edges that look natural, not too harsh or dramatic. Though if you want super bold brows, your artist can add more ink lines to achieve that look.

Afterward, there's some downtime while your new brows heal up. Then, you'll need another touch-up appointment about 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure. From here, you'll only need to meet with your esthetician every few years to keep up the look.

2. Microblading Is Semi-permanent

Microblading lasts between one and two years before needing to be refreshed. You can remove the results with laser treatment if you want to go back to your original look before then.

Unlike traditional tattoos, laser treatments can remove microbladed eyebrows in as little as three sessions. However, if the microblading technique left you with intense eyebrows, you may need up to ten sessions for complete removal.

3. Pain Level

Microblading uses a manual instrument to deposit pigments into the skin's epidermis. Your artist will place the pigment on very fine needles. Then, the ink is injected into the upper dermis of your skin.

The artist will do this repeatedly to create a hair stroke effect. Because needles are involved, there may be slight pain.

The needles are not like tattoo needles. They don't go deep into the skin and cause a burning ache. Instead, the esthetician uses minimal pressure to cause as little pain as possible.

Most clients feel a minor sting, but everyone has different pain tolerance.

4. Healing Period

Depending on your skin type, the healing period can take 10 to 28 days.

For the first few days, your eyebrows will be dark. The skin will feel tight and a little sore. The tightness and dark shade will go away after about three days.

From there, you will notice that the pigment in your brows has flaked off. Your eyebrow embroidery will lighten up a bit as well.

Resist the urge to pick at the pigment or rub it off. This will help your brows heal faster and prevent infection. You can use a mild cleanser to remove dirt and makeup, but don't scrub too hard.

While you're healing, avoid acne products or makeup on your brows. These products can irritate the area and cause scarring if used too soon after microblading.

5. Cost

The cost of microblading varies depending on the location and artist. You can expect to spend at least $400 on the initial procedure. Your touch-up procedure will cost about the same price.

Shopping around is always a good idea because some salons have special discounts available for first-time clients, while others might offer them on subsequent visits.

6. Know the Qualifications of Your Artist

Microblading eyebrows is a skill that requires training so clients can get the results they're hoping for. That's why it's essential to know the qualifications of your artist.

Different types of pigment are used for microblading, and not all are safe. Your esthetician should use medical-grade pigment containing no lead or heavy metals.

If they're using tattoo ink instead, ask if they follow FDA regulations. Keep in mind that tattoo ink will lead to permanent results. Because you may want to alter your brow shape or color in the future, tattoo ink is not ideal.

If you're getting microblading done by a licensed professional, then there's no need to worry about the safety of your treatment. You will experience all the benefits of microblading and none of the risks.

7. You Can't Get It Wet for 10 Days

If you're planning on getting microblading, keep in mind that your eyebrows can't get wet for 10 days. That means no swimming, hot tubs, or saunas. You also have to avoid washing them in the shower.

To clean your eyebrows, use a diluted soap mixture outside the shower. You must wash your brows in the direction that they grow. Any rubbing or circular motions while cleansing will interfere with your results.

8. Stay Away From the Sun

To avoid post-procedure complications, like persistent redness, stay away from the sun for at least 10 days after microblading. You also have to avoid tanning beds for at least two months.

Consider using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your skin from the sun.

Book Your Microblading Appointment in San Diego

Microblading is a fantastic way to add definition to your brows and make them look fuller. You no longer have to worry about filling them in with makeup or pencils!

Before your appointment, remember to check your esthetician's qualifications. Make sure they are certified and have a portfolio of their work. To find a qualified microblading artists in San Diego, contact Lip Blush and Microblading by Nada.

Nada will use her expertise and advanced equipment to give you stunning results.


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