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WHY Lip Blush??

Lip blush and Microblading in San Diego
Lip blush and Microblading San Diego

Lip blush is the most popular permanent makeup technique for the lips and there are so many reasons why. Below are listed the many benefits of Lip Blush tattoo!

  1. Customize your lip color! When it comes to lip blush, we have such a wide range of colors for clients to choose from. You can go from natural an appearance to bold. From vibrant to subtle. There are thousands of combinations that we can make, and every single client has their own custom combo that we create together.

  2. Lip color is mask proof, food proof, kiss proof, and everything else proof. Many people are tired of having pale lips after eating or wearing a mask in public or at work. This prevents that from happening. You don't have to dig through your purse to find your lip colors after having lip blush done!

  3. More defined shape! Lip blush can bring definition to the lips by making the lip brighter in color and also sometimes bringing the appearance of fuller lips due to definition that lip blush will allow.

  4. Save money on make up! With lipstick ranging from $10-40 per product, the investment of lip blush is worth it for so many! Not only does it save you the money that you would be spending on your every day lip color, I will also save you time of having to constantly apply color

  5. No more pale lips! How nice would it be to wake up every single morning with a healthy touch of color in your lips?


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