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Why We LOVE Microblading in San Diego

Microblading san diego
Microblading san diego

The new brow trend that’s taking over the world, microblading is a procedure that’s growing so rapidly and becoming extremely popular, especially in the beauty world of San Diego. With the use of a blade and pigments, PMU artists make small incisions with the aim of creating a subtle look. If you’re intrigued, now's the time to learn more!

Why Microblading?

Microblading involves applying permanent makeup to create the perfect brow for your facial structure, without machine tattooing. Each stroke of the pigment on the blade blade moves in the direction of your hair pattern, allowing for a natural look. The results usually last up to 1-2 years, although sometimes they’re permanent.

A natural look that’s not for everyone

Unlike eyebrow tattooing, microblading delivers a natural look. The aim is to create a fuller-looking brow, without going against its natural shape. Skilled artists deliver realistic results and their ability to do so depends on the brow hairs that are already there.

Most artists will assess your eyebrows on a case by case basis with a consultation, if needed. If they feel as though microblading won’t work for you, they may recommend using a tattoo needle instead.

How does microblading work?

As the manual tool used for microblading introduces lots of small wounds, many technicians will use a local anesthetic in the form of a numbing cream. At Nada's appointment, she choses a pigment color, places it into a pigment cup, and began working on your eyebrows. She makes the small stroke like incisions and rubs the pigment into the brows.

To achieve a natural look, the artist moves the blade along the curve of her eyebrows. The aim is to make each pigment application resemble a hair stroke. The artist then allows the pigment to sink into the skin, giving it a chance to set.

According to Nada, your appointment could last anywhere between 1.5-3 hours. You may need a retouch appointment around 6-8 weeks. Retouch appointments don’t usually last as long and are usually about 1 hour.

Preparing for your appointment

Some people choose to shape their brows before the microblading takes place. Doing so isn’t necessary, and if you choose to shape your brows first you should always discuss them with the person carrying out your microblading. Otherwise, you can just trust that your technician will remove any messy looking hairs to create the best results, usually by shaving or plucking.

Finally, always make sure you use a technician who’s received adequate training. When you’re in the right hands, you’ll benefit from stunning results! To schedule a microblading appointment, please visit our BOOKING site.


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