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Best time for ISR

After a stretch mark has healed and is no longer red, pink, or purple, as this indicates that it's still healing. Also best When you are at a stable weight (ex: not pregnant or during weight loss journey.

If you're unsure if your stretchmarks are ready, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation

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Who is a good candidate?

All ages, genders and ethnicities. Darker skin (Fitzpatrick 4-6) tones may require test patch to determine melanin response.

Who is not a good candidate?

  • Pregnant women

  • Those with chronic skin conditions, infections or skin cancer in the area being treated

  • Those who are prone to keloid scars (Test patch may be done)

  • Recent use of Accutane (must be off Accutane for 12 months before any PMU or Inkless Stretchmark Revision procedures.

Where can it be done?

On ANY stretch marks on the body! Popular areas are the stomach, sides, thighs, chest, back, hips and arms!

A second session can be done in as little as 4-6 weeks.

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